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We at DANZON! School of Dance know that there are lots of dance studios to choose from. That is why we have created a new and unique environment for people who want to learn to dance but do not want to be pressured into spending thousands of dollars on studio frills. If you’ve been disappointed by a chain studio where you had to practice your Waltz steps to blaring Swing music while waiting for your instructor’s turn to play the music *you* need for the dance *you* are trying to learn, or had other dancers twirling by you wrecking your concentration, then we have created this place for you. DANZON! School of Dance, opened at the turn of the millenium, is a new breed of exclusive dance studio where you never have to share the floor or the music. Additionally, unlike most of the chain studios, you will never be given a part-time or novice instructor with less than 10 years experience. At DANZON! School of Dance we teach every partner dance popular in the USA; all of the Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country Western dances as well as these popular club dances: West Coast Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango and Hustle and our rates are much better than the other studios in Tucson. Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, we can help you acheive your dance goals. DANZON! School of Dance has a beautiful Brazilian Cherry, floating wood floor to glide across effortlessly and is the only partner-dance studio north of River Road and west of Oracle Road; perfect for Northwest Tucson residents. Hours are 1:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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About the Owner: 

L Perez is a full time dance professional. He has conducted dance workshops all over the United States and is skilled at all partner dances. Throughout the 90s LP was trained by the world's best dancers in every style of dance; Swing, Ballroom, Country and Latin. He coaches and choreographs over 20 different partner dances from beginner steps to professional choreography.

L Perez is the very first West Coast Swing leader from Tucson to earn the level of Champion in national Jack and Jill competition (there was one follower before him) having been invited to compete in his first national Champion J&J in 1999. Many of Tucson's best West Coast Swing (now Advanced and Champion) dancers have taken private coaching from LP.


The Long Version:

L Perez was born in NYC and raised in the NY metropolitan area. At age 5 his grandmother taught him his first Swing and Salsa steps and he's been a dancin’ fool ever since! LP was a dance regular in the first 3 seasons of the TV show ClubMTV in the late 80s. In 1993 LP began his career as a full-time dance professional in Tucson. He has been a professional dance coach all day, every day since then. LP tells the story about one of his favorite coaches in the 90s who asked him "would you let a guy whose day job was a Plumber give you a root canal in the evening?... then don’t trust your dancing to a 'dance teacher' who does a different job during the day."

As for competition dancing, LP has many national Advanced level West Coast Swing Jack & Jill wins; most of them were won in the 90s before event coordinators started regularly reporting results to the WSDC. LP was a regular competitor on the UCWDC circuit as well, where such notable WCS Champions as Robert Royston and Michael Kielbasa have also competed. In 1999 he was invited to conduct a workshop and compete in his very first Champion/Invitational Jack & Jill contest in Florida. That convention featured Mario Robau Jr. as the emcee and many other prominent WCS Champions of the 90s conducting workshops and competing in the Jack and Jill. That event in 1999 made LP the first leader from Tucson to earn the Champion level of West Coast Swing Jack and Jill competition. LP competed nationally in All-Star and Champion Jack and Jills from 1999-2007 whenever the particular convention had an All-Star or Champion level. When a convention he attended did not have a Champion level, LP would compete at the Advanced level. One such convention was the 2002 Las Vegas competition where he came in 2nd to another national Champion of the era, Louie Juarez. LP has placed as high as 4th amongst a field of top West Coast Swing Champion competitors from all over the country. He competed in the Champion Jack and Jill at the SwingDiego convention in 2005, 2006 and his final national Jack and Jill in 2007.

Tragedy struck when he aggravated his already injured knee taking a false step on the stairway to the floor at SwingDiego 2006. He ran out and bought a brace, wrapped his knee up tightly and danced in that competition but as it was, his knee would need surgery. With his rehabbed knee, he returned to compete in the Champion competition at SwingDiego 2007, but he realized that he had lost a bit of his edge and figured he could no longer keep up with the Benji Schwimmers and Jordan Frisbees of the world, so he retired from high intensity competition to focus solely on being the best dance professional he can be. Now he takes it a bit easier on his knee as he conducts workshops at dance conventions and competes in Pro/Am competitions.

If you would like to be in a Pro/Am competition with LP as your Pro partner, just ask him about upcoming Pro/Am events and he will give you all the details.

To schedule a dance lesson at DANZON! call LP at 792-2067 or email LPerez.Dancer@yahoo.com